I’m Titania Lines a graphic designer and all round creative born in Belgium, raised by Austrian and american parents and currently living in Zürich. I’m here to help you lift your brand with an authentic and clear visual communication.

My world is made of infinite possibilities, where I prefer to see things not as they are but as they could be. Problems don’t exist, it’s all about diving into the process of research and explorations.

I love creating designs which tell meaningful stories and I will be happy hearing yours!



Define an effective brand strategy to communicate the authenticity and uniqueness of your project. Help people understand your offerings through your logo and visual identity.

Graphic Design

I am here for ongoing graphic design support and expand the communication of your brand. I offer creative solution including flyers, print ads, posters, packaging, infographics, signage and more.


Illustration has the ability to personify and enhance your message while adding more creativity and uniqueness to the whole experience. It’s a way of communicating that tends to inspire and lift your story.


We could almost say that your brand doesn’t exist if you aren’t on the web. Launching a website allows you to reach new customers across the globe. I can help you redesign your current website or develop a brand new one according to your needs and dreams.

Do you have a product or business idea you are ready to get going ?
Great! Always good to hear from visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Or if you are looking to redesign your website or just need some help with printed materials like business cards, brochures or you need a logo or an identity rework ? I’m here to help.

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